Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPad Mini Raffle

We are thrilled to finally be gearing up to travel to Ethiopia, two years and 8 months after submitting our initial paperwork.  We anticipate traveling sometime in late May or early June.  We will get to spend an entire week bonding with AJ! One of our single biggest adoption expenses is the airfare to and from Ethiopia.  Unfortunately, we expect to pay top dollar for our tickets because we will not receive the "all clear" to travel until a few weeks prior to our court date.In addition, because AJ won't get to come home with us right away, we will have to make a second trip to bring him home.  So, to help raise the funds we need, we are going to raffle off a 16BG iPad mini!

Raffle tickets are $10 a piece. If you buy 5 tickets for $50 we'll give you 6 tickets. If you buy 10 tickets for $100 we'll give you 12 tickets. If you buy a ticket(s) and share it on facebook, we will give you 1 ticket.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets you can either hand-deliver the money or mail a check/cash. If you are a pay pal user, you can transfer the money to my account by using my email address. If you choose to send the money by mail or pay pal, I will  send you an email to let you know the money arrived and your tickets have been added to the jar. We will draw for a winner on May 8 at 8:00pm, just in time for Mother's Day. 

I feel like I have said this A LOT over the last couple of years but, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for your support, prayers and love. This has been a long and hard process but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can not wait to get our boy home and introduce him to all of you that have played a part in this. We appreciate you more than you know!

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