Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh, where to begin! We have been waiting 32 months for this day and somehow it still caught me by surprise!  We got the call from our family coordinator at AWAA on Thursday, February 21 at 3:30pm. She called me first and then conferenced called Jason.  I remember her telling us that he was a boy and 8 months old. A lot of the other details from the conversation were lost on me. I was a crying mess.  After the phone conversation Jason headed home from the office so we could look at his pictures as a family and read over all the info that I missed during my crying fit on the phone.  I so wish I could show you his sweet face! He is perfect. We all just laughed. He is absolutely beautiful! We called Jason's family then headed to my parents' house to tell them the good news. Later that night some of our friends, my parents and all my siblings gathered at Laura's so we could celebrate our boy!

Our first family photo....he is on the television behind us. 

some of our family and friends that came to meet our boy

The reaction at seeing his sweet face. I love this picture!
We are so thankful for these kids (and their parents) that already love our boy.  My friend Julie told me that as she looked around Laura's house last night she kept thinking about how our boy will never be lonely again. He is surrounded and loved. Can I get an AMEN! That means more to my mama heart than I could ever express. We love our people and our thankful for the way they have loved and supported our family. Seriously, we might just have the best families and friends around. 

Some day I will try to put into words exactly what this day meant to me,  but for now I will leave you with my kids' reactions. Henry kept singing "bless the Lord oh my soul, worship His holy name...". So appropriate! He knows that only the Lord could make this day possible. He has been in every detail.  He has been with us when we grew weary of the wait. He has confirmed this journey over and over again. And He has been faithful. Bless the Lord! And Edie said over and over again that she knew he would be a boy and look just like that. I think the Lord has been preparing her little heart. She knows him. He is familiar. Of course he is her brother!  

We are so grateful to know him and are rejoicing in the Lord's faithfulness.  Please join our family in praying him home!

Now we wait for a MOWYCA court date...