Monday, January 24, 2011

We spent Saturday night with the Cheathams (minus!), Tidmores, Russells and Jacobs and had so much fun!!! All of these families are adopting from Africa. Jason and I specifically prayed for community and WOW the Lord delivered. We are so thankful for these sweet families that know exactly where we are because they are there too :) Hopefully our next picture will include Little Man Cheatham!

And, you should head over to Heather's blog and watch the video, Why Ethiopia? It is great! I know I will be watching it over and over again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

WOW! What a wonderful Christmas season we have had. I am going to try and do justice to the joy, thankfulness and excitement we have experienced is such a short amount of time. So many great things have happened that I want to document...

my background check was ready to be picked up the same day that I posted about being frustrated that I did not have it yet :) Jason grabbed it on his way home from work and I was just giddy to have that missing piece in my hands!

We spent that night with some of our most favorite people at our small group Christmas party, which included 3 of the Frisco groups. We had a great time eating, talking, worshipping and then being completely surprised. Our groups gave us the best Christmas present to help bring home our baby!!! It was so much more than money though. I can not even put into words how humbled and grateful we are. It means more than I can ever tell them to have them give so sacrificially to our child. I LOVE that they already love Baby. We are so grateful to "do life" with these people. Thank you, friends! We love you all! And again, God revealed His faithfulness to us. They gave us $45 more dollars that we needed to send in our dossier. It is like God is telling me, "I got this, I will give you more than you need." More to come on this.

We had Christmas with my family the following day. Henry and Edie had so much fun playing with all of their cousins, and of course opening gifts. We really missed Eddy, Fran, Haleigh and Bret. It was not the same without the two biggest cousins! They were not able to be with us because Haleigh's counts are too low and we have way too many germ-y little ones running around. We are especially thankful for our sweet Haleigh this year. She is another example of the Lord's faithfulness and mercy to His children. My family filled a stocking for Baby with lots of goodies. They even got us a sling so I can strap Baby to me, indefinitely :) That night my sister-in-law, Brittany, a.k.a. the scrapbookin' queen, helped me redo our photo pages for our dossier. Now they are super cute! Thanks, Aunt B.! Our dossier is now complete and ready to be mailed.

We had our family Christmas on Sunday afternoon. The kids spent the rest of the day and night in their respective dress up clothes...Edie in tutus and "clickin' clacks" (high heels) and Henry in his new Romo jersey, helmet, and pants. It was a really fun day, but I have to admit that I missed our little one a lot.

On Monday my sweet hubby mailed our dossier to AWAA!!! The paper chase took us 6 months. Whew, I am so glad to be done with that part.

We spent Christmas in Tennessee with Jason's family. It is always fun to be with all of them. Our nephews and nieces surprised us with a Christmas present for Baby. The kids gave us over $100 in change! So sweet! I love that they want to help bring their baby cousin home. Thank you Nolan, Ian, Maddie, Thomas and Cole. We love you!

I began this post several days ago and since then we have been given our DTE date...December 30! We are now on the wait list for our baby. Praise God!

We continue to experience the love and provision of our Lord on this journey and are so grateful to our family and friends that have come along side us. Thank you for loving us and Baby!