Friday, December 17, 2010


We hit our first bump in the road. I have heard that there are many on the road to adoption and have tried to prepare myself for these setbacks. But, I have to admit that I have been really frustrated...mainly with myself. It seems like everything takes so much longer when your child is waiting on the other end!

For the last month or so I have been waiting on my drivers license. I realized the day after our fingerprinting appointment, while sorting through our dossier, that my background check had my old address on it because my DL had my old address. I immediately requested a new license and thought I would probably get it before our 171 arrived, or at least around the same time. I think our 171 arrived in record time only 7 DAYS after our fingerprinting appointment. I know families that waited months for this piece of paper. I was THRILLED to get it so quickly! So the only thing we waited on was my new license. We waited and waited and waited and waited and now it is here! I received it on Monday, took it to the police station on Tuesday and am praying I get a call today to pick up my completed background check!

We are getting so close to being on the wait list for our baby and I can hardly stand it. Seriously, how do I love someone so deeply that I have never seen or felt before, who more than likely is not even born yet! The Lord certainly is preparing our hearts for this child and in all of this teaching me how to wait on Him. I will be doing a lot of waiting and my prayer is that I do it prayerfully and faithfully.

"WAIT for the LORD; be strong and take heart and WAIT for the LORD."
Psalm 27:14


The Sandersons said...

I am sorry for the set back. One thing I have learned on this journey and others, is that w/ God, there is always a purpose in the waiting. I have to remind myself of that when my impatience wants to get the best of me. Who knows, maybe this waiting is so that "your" child reaches you at the most perfect time (and w/ God in control of this meeting, it WILL BE the perfect time!) This waiting becomes part of the story. Part of how much you came to know ______ and do ______ all b/c of this waiting period. Praying for you guys. Can't wait to meet your little one!! And I really can't wait to hear about all the "perfect" plans God had in store for you guys while you waited.

Julia said...

I am right there with you! We knew going into this that there would be lots of waiting, lots of setbacks, but walking through them is a lot harder than I thought! We feel like we are working as hard & fast as we can, but things continue to move soooo slowly. We are learning that moving through the process during the holidays is especially frustrating! But our home study is FINALLY scheduled & I hear we have the same social worker that you guys had - so cool. I wish we lived closer & could just meet for coffee! Would love to hear more about you guys' journey & share in your frustrations & excitement. I will be praying for you guys & excited to hear more about the road to your little one!